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Spotlight Series: Interior Design Standard

Updated: May 7, 2020

East Coast design firm House of Funk introduces a new standard to streamline the business of design.

Sandra Funk. Photo by Mark Weinberg.

With economic uncertainty comes an expected slowdown in business, especially for creatives like Interior Designers whose services are often perceived as a luxury. Some are channeling their creative energy to pick up new hobbies or try to solve the riddle of Instagram, while others are paralyzed by the feeling of helplessness, unsure if and when business will pick back up. One designer is taking it as an opportunity to extend a helping hand to her peers. Introducing, the Interior Design Standard a thorough step-by-step guide of proven-successful best practices for design businesses including communication templates, software integration, learning modules, project processes and even a fee calculator. House of Funk CEO Sandra Funk has fine tuned these standardized practices throughout her near two decade career and now she's sharing her secret to success with you. “The Interior Design Standard literally sets the standard for the business side of interior design. It's all that I’ve learned over nearly two decades in the design industry. I’m sharing my formula for success because I believe it’s time for all designers to rise together.” says Sandra.

Photo by Mark Weinberg.

While the timing of launching the 18-month in-the-making program had its risks - potential users have less cash flow - it turned out to be fortuitous. What better way to capitalize on new found free time than investing in your business so it is ready to run at maximum efficiency when work picks up again? The hundreds of inquiries leading to a robust group of active participants (or ‘tribe’ as Funk calls them) tells her she's on to something. Ranging from single proprietors to mid-sized firms and young designers just starting out to seasoned professionals keeping their skills sharp, the Standard offers a solid, unshakable foundation on which to build or reconstruct a design business.

"The Standard tribe is fierce. Can you imagine the resilience, determination and confidence of the first class of the Standard in a global pandemic? Watch out world, these design entrepreneurs are serious!"

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of the Interior Design Standard is access to a like-minded community. The value of sharing is woven into the program's core mission, but the organic blossoming of a user "tribe" has enhanced the experience exponentially. Participants can swap anecdotes, useful tips and questions with individuals that speak their language.

Photo by Mark Weinberg.

For those that think they're too busy to reconstruct their business, the Standard's streamlined processes are proven to actually save time long term. The initial investment of implementation will pinpoint areas of opportunity to delegate, manage and track with the security of expert guidance every step of the way. With that infrastructure in place, you can approach projects with confidence, charge what you're worth without hesitation, and lead your clients with authority.

Photo by Mark Weinberg.

Take it from some very satisfied (and grateful) users:

“I cannot tell you how incredible this has been. To say it is ‘exactly what I needed (as I am sure you hear all the time) is the understatement of the year!” - Jenn O'Brien, Jenn O'Brien Interiors

“What really resonated with me is when Sandra talked about running a joyful business. I joined the Standard to put the joy back into running my firm.” - Laurie DiGiacomo, Laurie DiGiacomo Interiors

“I cannot thank Sandra enough for sharing all of her hard work from the last twenty plus years. It's truly making a huge impact on my business right now.” - Kirsten White, Hart White Interiors

“I was so on the fence about investing in this program due to our economic outlook right now, but I am so grateful that I did!” - Shannon Demma, Urbana Design Studio

Photos by Mark Weinberg.

Heartwarming messages of gratitude from users that completed the program are proof enough for the House of Funk team. "I've been humbled, overwhelmed and brought to tears by the outpouring of appreciation from our Standard tribe. The number of times that I've heard, ‘this is exactly what I needed’ is truly incredible. They are transforming their businesses", says Funk. With plans to expand the curriculum to include marketing strategies in its next iteration, there is no slowing down for Sandra Funk.


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