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Spotlight Series: The Vale London

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

In March, when the highly anticipated spring event season started unraveling thread by thread, some would have taken their hands off the wheel and said: "there's always next year." Not Melinda Marquardt, illustrator, textile & wallpaper designer and founder of The Vale London. When the launch she had planned for WestWeek in LA canceled, she decided to capitalize on Instagram and invited designers and editors to a "virtual" line showing of The Beaufort Collection.

Beaufort Collection "Cynara"

Over the course of 45 minutes, viewers by the dozen tuned in to Instagram's Live TV as she revealed wallcoverings and fabrics from her new collection and the influences behind them. Marquardt literally draws inspiration from the world around her, putting ink to paper to create unique works of art which she then expertly translates into textiles.

Process and finished product of "Pardus Toile"

Drawing inspiration from everyday life in London, Marquardt told Business of Home, "The beauty of my collections is in the juxtaposition of aesthetics, and I think The Vale encompasses an effortless balance of traditional with a modern twist."

"Charcoal" Mood Board

Melinda's creative genius is so palpable it's like another person in the room, her creativity constantly churning visibly behind her eyes. Many designers can attest, they see the world in color, form and scale, but she sees pattern and print in even the most unlikely of places.

"Dahling" in Tranquil. "Pardus Toile" in Oxblood.

Raymond Schneider of RPS Consulting tells us the artist plans to continue sharing her collections on Instagram Live well beyond the COVID-19 era. The decision to turn to the digital platform was "natural, genuine, and intuitive" adding, no doubt, to the success of the endeavor. Follow @thevalelondon on Instagram so you don't miss the next installment. Shop The Beaufort Collection at Fabricut, contact your rep for quotes.


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