Alyssa boasts professional relationships from every corner of the industry, including Design Brands, Designers, Marketers and Editors. Colleagues and dear friends share their perspective on working with Alyssa Abrams in various capacities.

Raymond Paul Schneider

Principle, RPS Consulting

Alyssa has become one of my favorite people, a trusted and valued colleague and friend.  I have been in the interior design industry for over 23+ years, and working with Alyssa has been a highlight, especially as my first home was the D&D Building. Together we have worked on a cross-section of activities from market panels to digital blog stories, and she is someone I call on regularly to brainstorm & commiserate. Her knowledge, experience, energy, and sheer determination is immense, and her contributions invaluable! 

Tyler Hamilton Larmee

Principle, Spread PR

I have had the privilege of working with Alyssa through events and activities my clients produce at the D&D Building. Alyssa not only executes things well, she does it with joy and proactively thinks about ways to enhance our clients’ business. She understands their brand mission and listens to the needs we express on their behalf. If there is any way she can make a showroom shine, she does it and she does it with kindness and respect. Alyssa has a strong knowledge of this industry and how to best connect people. She continues to be an asset to any organization with which she works even in tangential ways.

Kerry Robinson

(Former) Showroom Manager, RADG Robert Allen Showroom

It is my pleasure and privilege to write a testimonial for Alyssa Abrams. I have known Alyssa as the Marketing Manager of the prestigious D&D Building. Alyssa is very professional in every manner. She has highly developed Marketing skills that include a broad range of talents from the daily duties of running a high profile/luxury marketing office, along with excellent interpersonal skills and coordinating numerous showroom events throughout the year. Alyssa has a wonderful reputation and is very well respected throughout the Interior Design Industry. Alyssa is very organized, easy to work with and creative. When events have needed some help, she has proven to be an excellent problem solver. 

Noah Pelletier

Business Development & Marketing Manager, Forbes & Lomax

I have been working with Alyssa since February 2017 and it has been such a pleasure. She is always so poised and professional in her coordination of Market events, and her assistance in sharing our brand story through D&D's network has been such a benefit. Each Market season she brings a fresh perspective to the design community, and I love that she always shares in my enthusiasm for new products, industry events, and notable designers.

Jana Weill

(Former) Director of Marketing Events & Communications, RADG

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Alyssa over the past two years to plan events and promotions for our showroom at the D&D. Alyssa is a highly organized and creative thinker who's passion for the design industry is infectious. She is a dedicated partner who listens to your goals and works effortlessly with you to achieve them. 

Helen Allen

Head & Hand Public Relations

Over the course of the past two years I have had the pleasure of working with Alyssa in a variety of capacities and on several events. She is always prepared, organized, and enthusiastic and has a solution to any problem that may arise. She is professional, hardworking, thoughtful, and very charismatic. In short, she has made my job(s) quantumly easier and more fun. 

Christine Haney

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Vaughan Designs

Working with Alyssa has been a pleasure and I truly admire that she is available via email and phone, which is a rare thing these days! Alyssa has not only serviced us as a tenant with the traditional marketing we expect in the D&D Building, but she has actually added value to our plans beyond expectations. Her strategic thinking on brand and designer synergies and maximizing events and opportunities has been so helpful and I think of her as a collaborator in our company’s marketing efforts. I am reminded of the CEO dinner, the Dering Hall panel, and most recently learned of her expertise in graphic design in your execution of a recent print collateral. All to say, "thank you" for the level of expertise she brings to her work and for being a Vaughan brand advocate, as she is with all of her clients.

Jon Walker

Executive Director of Home Furnishings, Hearst Design Group

I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Alyssa for the past few years, developing event partnerships in conjunction with the DDB’s tenants, and have found her to be an excellent collaborator and adept at managing events.  She is gracious, patient, thoughtful, creative, well-spoken, well-connected and fluent in the world of design – all the things one could ask for in a great partner.

Rio Hamilton

Marketing and Branding Consultant to the Interior Design Industry

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Alyssa Abrams. Although the same company has not employed us, our collaborative marketing efforts have repeatedly brought us together. I would describe Ms. Abrams as polite, professional, exquisitely dressed, knowledgeable, enjoyable, accommodating and extremely proficient at follow up. I recommend her highly for any position involving marketing and branding for the Architecture and Interior Design industry.

Jennifer Barbaro

Director of Marketing Events & PR, C&G Media Group

I have been working with Alyssa Abrams for the past two years on various programs at the D&D Building. Alyssa has done a terrific job in organizing the Fall and Spring market days in addition to helping NYC&G with newly created programs such as Brilliantly British and Masters of Design. Her professionalism, organization, productivity and excellent communications have made each of these events run flawlessly and successfully. She is asset to the building and a true pleasure to work with.